Professional Organizing Services

Creating Peaceful Spaces was officially created in 2016 by Elizabeth Strolle, but was an idea long before.  

Originally from Connecticut, Elizabeth received her B.A. in Psychology and began her career in the behavioral sciences field working with children in after school programs.   During the recession in 2009, Elizabeth moved to Southwest Florida, after falling in love with the sunshine lifestyle.   In Florida, Elizabeth worked in both property management and  banking, holding office manager and executive administrative roles until 2016 when her and her husband decided to move to the great city of Nashville to embark on  new adventures.  

"Someone once asked me what my dream job consisted of.  I thought about it for a moment and then I simply  said, "organizing people's homes".  The feeling of accomplishment I get after helping someone relieve so much weight off their shoulders, is unlike any other gratifying experience I've ever had.   I am not sure why this dream job of mine felt so unobtainable, so distant, for so many years of my life.  And then, one dayI realized that all i needed to was to just take that first step.  The first step is always the hardest one to take and I think this same idea can be related to making changes in your home, or asking for help.  Let me be that first step, for you."

Having always enjoyed organizing in her professions as well as personally, Elizabeth wanted to share her abilities with others, thus founding and operating Creating Peaceful Spaces.  

Elizabeth is very solution oriented and has always been able to see beyond spatial obstacles to create spaces that "makes sense". 
 "Creating Peaceful Spaces is something very meaningful and important to me.  When I imagine what home should feel like, first and foremost, it should be a place one feels most comfortable.  So many times we allow ourselves to settle in spaces less than what we want and deserve because the flow of life is set at a faster pace than we prefer.    Before we know it, we could be up to our ears in clutter and disorientation.  Often times, the challenge can begina as a simple misuse of space.  Martha Stewart says that clutter prevents us from letting anything new into our lives.  I love this because It makes me think of the endless possibilities of meaning here.  If we think of clutter as something that holds us back from what we really want out of life, then what is holding us back from clearing out a little space?"

Elizabeth has always been in the customer service industry and is mindful and conscious about the relationships she builds with her others.  Organizing someone's personal home is a job Elizabeth approaches with the utmost integrity and sensitivity.  
"Customer service should be prompt, honest,  professional, efficient, warm, attentive and consistent.  Please expect these qualities in me.  I am commited to your satisfaction as well as bringing your vision to life."

 Besides Creating Peaceful Spaces, Elizabeth enjoys practicing yoga, cleaning, shopping,  fine dining, appreciating music, and traveling with her husband.

Creating Peaceful Spaces holds a provisional membership with NAPO (National ASsoCiation of professional organizing).